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Woody Wood Rug

Woody Wood Rug
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694,00€ from 0900-design
Bring a small (or not so small) chunk of nature into your home with this rug resembling a cross section of a tree trunk. Available in four sizes; listed price is for the small rug. Count the rings and figure out how old the rug is!

Found by Don. Thanks!

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JCD  [2008-01-31 07:01:11]
What is it made of?
amandamax  [2008-09-04 01:07:37]
Its very nice and good product.
my assignment help  [2016-10-17 16:44:40]
This is exactly looking like a big old tree with big trunk cut and kept there. I did not think that this can be rug really wonderful artwork by the designers. I would like to order small size rug into my hall and will count those rings and know how much old is that rug is.
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