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Wooden Clutch

Wooden Clutch
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$630.00 from Vivre
This unique clutch is made almost entirely out of wood (I'm guessing there is lining and some hardware involved). Quite fashionable, we think... but what do we know about fashion? Made with American black walnut.

Found by Angel. Thanks!

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wholesale tablets for sale  [2017-01-12 06:48:38]
I liked this clutch very much. Very excited to hear that it is made up of wood. First I didn't believe this but while reading its details in your post, I realized the true. I would like to buy this so please provide its price.
medical billing outsourcing companies   [2017-01-16 01:54:21]
I am seeing a wooden clutch for the first time. It is very unique and different in look. But holding this throughout for a party or event will be very difficult as it is very heavy because of the wood. I want to know whether it is light weight. Please provide it soon.
Spanish with ease  [2017-01-17 00:07:55]
I am really interested with the Wooden Clutch you have produced for sale. I have never seen something like this before. You always come up with very interesting utensils. i am glad to be a subscriber to your site.
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