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Vibram Five Fingers

Vibram Five Fingers
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$80.00 from Vibram
Maybe you would feel really fast and light in these shoes... maybe you would just feel really weird. Either way, it's about time that foot technologies caught up with hand technologies. Enough toe discrimination! Each toe deserves a voice (and footwear compartment)!

Found by Angel. Thanks!

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coopernicus  [2008-05-25 02:13:35]
I have had these for two years now and they are incredible. It's just like being barefoot, but with invincible feet. They make me feel like an animal. It really can't be understood until you experience them.
David  [2009-08-03 18:50:40]
These "shoes" are so gay-looking that even the EUROPEAN homosexuals won't wear them in public. These are in no way representative of manly footwear. Now stop this silliness and put on a proper pair of boots and leave the little slippers to the little girls. Seriously. Great God almighty.
Jamie  [2009-08-03 19:30:46]
I've had a pair for three years. They are awesome. I would wear them all the time if they weren't fugly.
Great God Almighty! (among other names)  [2009-10-12 14:01:26]
These shoes are THE BOMB! I would gladly wear them everywhere i go! And they're completely stylish! I am neither a homo nor European or a little girl (David!) :-) ,and this is not sillyness either! Oh, and at the end of your comment David, you called my name. What do you want? . . . ;-)
Katie  [2010-02-07 21:25:43]
Hey David, I think you need to take your tampon out and stop worrying about what ACTUAL men wear on their feet.
Bob  [2010-05-20 23:12:10]
I so want a pair. They are ugly as sin but who cares, they are awesome. That being said I think David protests a bit too much. Maybe he is trying to overcompensate for an intense secret desire either for these shoes or for members of the same sex. Either way I am not judging anybody but actual men do not care about the footwear of others. Real men put on there shoes and go about their day. On the other hand it might just be David's time of the month as was suggested by Katie. Anyway awesome shoes.
Kevin s  [2013-10-01 09:12:04]
I wear mine everywhere. They are the best shoes I have ever owned. There are so many different models and colors that you can find at least one to fit your need. I have the plain black so they go with anything.
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