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$37.99 from Amazon
Why shouldn't kids be able to ride their suitcases? They've got wheels, haven't they? Finally, the adults are thinking. Trunki should be the only suitcase children are allowed to own.

Found by Angel. Thanks!

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New national party  [2016-11-14 07:01:40]
Nice vehicle for kids. They will enjoy the most when travelling.Trunki is a nice gift to the kids.
genius thought  [2016-11-15 04:59:12]
Trunki a genius thought from you.I think as strong as the bag is strong enough to sustain 20 kgs on it.innovative things by manufacturer.This is a good suitcase for people with New Thoughts.I think cost is effort able.I wish you will receive many likes to this pic
tonyfjohn  [2016-11-19 03:39:04]
Really a nice, no need of vehicle for kids.
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Jaylon/  [2016-12-27 08:38:51]
I have ordered this trunki, my children are really very excited for this.
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