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Topography Bowl

Topography Bowl
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$179.00 from Generate Design
This beautiful miniature mountainscape is meant to be used to serve soup! Or salads, or dips, or whatever. A great concept! Create your own surrounding lettuce and broccoli rainforest. Enjoy the view high above tomato soup lake and the grilled cheese plateau. Want it want it want it!

Found by Angel. Thanks!

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Julie  [2008-04-29 07:49:20]
I really want to see this in an actual table setting, rather than a mini-landscape setting. I think it would be a much more interesting image. Alas, I cannot afford to buy it and create this scene me-self.
Julie  [2008-04-29 07:52:15]
Ooh, and it would be cool if it came in a set of 6 or so different ones!
Don  [2008-04-29 09:13:19]
They've got another picture on the merchant's site that shows a few of them on a table with some broccoli...
amandamax  [2008-08-28 04:17:51]
Its a good looking bowl with different model.
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