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Therese Chandelier

Therese Chandelier
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$2,569.00 from Generate Design
I am not easily impressed by chandeliers but this one is truly stunning. Made from 16 CNC milled transparent contours, it is elegant and unpretentious. Illuminated by a dimmable fluorescent bulb; eight color filters available.

Found by Angel. Thanks!

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Ceiling fixture lighting awakens, opens up, and enlightens the whole room. A crystal fixture is an extraordinary approach to convey consideration regarding the roof, attract the eye to a point of convergence, or simply light a table. When you suspend a ceiling fixture over a table or a seat, it improves the look and feel of your wonderful and rich furniture.
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Making bulb with milled transparent contours is really a difficult thing but I am glad you did it.Always I found something new in your site and this is really very nice and unique too.I like collecting various things and I am going to order this for sure.
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