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"The Hand"

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$39.99 from Perpetual Kid
At first I thought this was going to be lame. Some sticker that you put on your rear windshield. But it is so much more! From the site: "Using electroluminescent technology, combined with animation, The Hand will create a attention grabbing sensation wherever it is used! Includes the ever popular: I love you, Hang Loose, Devil Horns, The Bird, Loser , Power and Peace gestures. Use at night for the best effect." Yes, that's right. Show those people tailgating you how you feel. Hey, I'm not telling you to flick them off. Give them the old "I love you"!

Found by Julie. Thanks!

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Pooks  [2008-10-31 11:12:52]
Errrrr, I count 5 fingers and a thumb!
Cat  [2008-10-31 14:19:56]
They don't all light at once. Think neon sign.
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