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The Egg Cuber

The Egg Cuber
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$2.99 from The Kitchen Store
Why would you want a hard boiled egg in the shape of a cube? Because you can! And because some things are more delicious in cube form.

Found by Angel. Thanks!

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dhjdufuh  [2008-06-29 11:38:54]
that's gross..
Vince  [2008-06-29 12:53:08]
ew, eggs.
phil  [2008-06-29 13:23:54]
ugh. that looks pretty nasty.
Evan  [2008-06-29 13:38:39]
I would buy that.
EggDaddyDeluxe  [2008-06-29 14:55:07]
OMG!!!1! Egg Cuber FTW xD I have dreamed of a day that I could live in a world of cube shaped eggs. +200 exp
Steve  [2008-06-29 15:00:23]
Why is it gross? Pour an egg into the cube shaped container and place in boiling hardens into a cube.

Where's the grossness?
anon  [2008-06-29 15:06:09]
its unnatural!!!!!!

2dogs  [2008-06-29 15:19:56]
I have one. They're cool. The eggs won't roll off your desk. And you moosh 'em after they are cooked.
Koo Koo Kachoo  [2008-06-29 16:35:47]
I took a raw egg, put some flour and sugar in it and poured it in a muffin tin. Dang! It came out shaped like a mushroom!! It's so UNNATURAL! Eeeeeewwwww! I'm gonna be sick :-~  [2008-06-29 16:36:17]
thats pretty much the coolest thing i have seen in the last 5 minutes.

don't tell my mom i was here.  [2008-06-29 17:09:18]
kookookachu... that's funny. "I am the eggman"... I'm holding out for dodecahedron shape. Because I care. Seriously.
cool beans  [2008-06-29 17:38:14]
Beartooth  [2008-06-29 18:47:25]
Finally, someone else who thinks outside the shell...bravo!
Anonymous  [2008-06-29 20:30:49]
i can tell its a shop by some pixels and from seeing a few shops in my time
decentpig  [2008-06-29 20:45:42]
Not Photoshopped. I had one of these as a kid. You hardboil and egg and place it in the container. The lid screws down on the egg forcing it into the container's interior cube shape. Chill for a bit and it holds the shape.
stephen  [2008-06-29 21:11:43]
see that greyish "ring" between the yolk and the white? That means this egg is overcooked. One more minute and that ring would be green. Now the yolk is dried out and the white is definitely rubbery which makes for a gross egg. Respect your food people and your body will thank you.
Heather  [2008-06-29 21:23:21]
Anonymous  [2008-06-29 21:33:27]
Yeah, I've seen a few shops myself, and I can, uh...what?
Jonbear  [2008-06-29 22:48:34]


honeydewdee  [2008-06-29 22:49:56]


Araldia  [2008-06-30 07:56:49]
finally a way to make sure all bread in a hard boiled egg sandwich is utilised
Severed  [2008-06-30 14:47:29]
i thought that was butter at first glance before i read it, i wonder, can you put more than one egg in there at a time, prolly look more interesting when cut into...
mwls  [2008-06-30 19:31:25]
what a great idea
Lisa Champagne  [2008-07-01 08:39:44]
It's definitely a new idea ... could be useful. Checking out your site further. Give mine a look I lay my life out on the table virtually for everyone to see.
McCow  [2008-07-01 09:55:34]
Eggs is Chicken periods....menstruation in a ya can square it. Squared periods......
Seriously Sam Mullender  [2008-07-01 14:01:27]
that eggs burned you can see the black ring around the edge:(
Bob  [2008-07-02 23:14:57]
The reason to stay away is because it is Rachel Ray approved, now i have to wash my hands and keyboard after typing it's name.
porklife  [2008-07-04 17:41:18]
i like eggs
check12  [2008-07-05 00:06:42]

i HAVE one of those!

Square Eggs! YEAH!
god(zilla) complex  [2008-07-06 00:44:56]

mostly for this reason: cube-shaped deviled eggs!
Horny Bastard  [2008-07-06 16:34:03]
I'd tap that.
Fishstick_Kitty  [2008-07-07 16:47:28]
I like it! This handy gadget will make transporting a platter of deviled eggs a lot easier and neater, too

Leksi  [2009-10-21 10:34:29]
Pretty much the coolest thing ever! I love hard boiled eggs, I don't know how people don't like 'em!
Skeira  [2010-07-08 16:25:29]
Um... Why do we care if the egg is overcooked? Does this mean we can't buy this, because the person selling it accidentally overcooked this one egg? I just don't understand people... and obviously they don't understand the idea of a product for sale.

On a different note: I love cubes! This is amazing!
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