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Thaw Candleholder

Thaw Candleholder
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$39.00 from Generate Design
This unique candle holder makes for an unlikely yet beautiful combination of two elements: fire and ice. Simply fill the mold with water and freeze, then place a tealight inside the ice. The tealight creates a beautifully subtle glow from within the ice and the ice slowly melts away back into the mold, which also acts as a base for the candle holder.

Found by Angel. Thanks!

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amandamax  [2008-08-28 04:04:30]
Its really very nice with ice and fire good combination.
bestessay  [2016-10-26 10:05:35]
This candle holder is an amazing product. I got it and an excellent essay for ETSY. Glad I made the purchase, they product is not expensive as far as the quality is concerned
professional makeup artist  [2016-10-27 08:21:14]
Wow! Very beautiful to see the candle holder. I was searching for a candle holder with good design. I like its design so much. Its price is also affordable. Thanks for sharing the details about products like this. Keep updating
essay writer  [2016-11-10 03:11:47]
This thaw candle holder looks so pretty and scary at the same time. I like to read and write essays, I am quite interested in purchasing these, will buy these from generate design soon.
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