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TO:CA Wooden LED clock

TO:CA Wooden LED clock
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$189.00 from Generate Design
The wood veneer covering this clock is thin enough for the time to show right through it when illuminated. This is the definition of visual simplicity. When the thing is turned off, it just looks like a plain block of wood with a power cord sticking out of it, when on it is a nice juxtaposition of natural materials and modern technologies.

Found by Don. Thanks!

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elis  [2008-05-01 10:09:06]
bought one of those at teknikmagasinet in sweden. I got exactly what could be expected when you buy a design rip-off...

it looked really nice but every 5 seconds it change from showing the time to showing the date, and on top of that the colon in the middel flashed continuously. Brought it back to the store with an aching heart...
70-680 braindumps  [2016-06-16 02:14:45]
I really like concept. So many different types of wooden clock have been already built. I've seen many of them but I still don't have my own.
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