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Stone Ice Cubes

Stone Ice Cubes
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£15.99 from Mocha
We're excited by these reusable stone ice cubes. They're perfect for mixed drinks that you don't want watered down. Just pop the clean, attractive Nordish Rocks into the freezer for an hour, then plop them into your drink. Wash them when you're done, and they're ready to go again. As the site says: they make a drink, literally, on the rocks!

Found by Mokona via Productdose. Thanks!

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Peter Ferrenheight  [2009-11-24 11:45:30]
Hi -
I found that it slightly difficult to actually get to order these for quite sometime. I also found out that granite ice cubes can absorb flavors from different drinks while Soapstone Ice Cubes do not absorb “anything”. I ordered some very nice soapstone ice cubes from the link below and my whole family loves them.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!
brattFrorBerb  [2013-05-22 01:22:21]
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brattFrorBerb  [2013-05-24 08:00:22]
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