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Son of Moustachio

Son of Moustachio
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$18.00 from Wishing Fish
What could be more manly or more cute than a mustache with a mustache? Answer: Nothing. These guys are sold individually, but I bet they'd enjoy the company of other stuffed mustaches.

Found by Angel. Thanks!

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Julie  [2007-12-05 12:53:39]
I've always felt left out that I could not have my own moustachio.

But now...moustachios for all!
Angel  [2007-12-07 08:07:02]
I can't recall how big these are (I suppose I could click on the link and check, but alas I am lazy), but they look like they would make good pillows. If too small for you, then maybe for your mustached pet.
Heealy  [2009-12-08 17:55:23]
They look like turds with mustaches.
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