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Robotan Toilet Paper Holder

Robotan Toilet Paper Holder
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$35.99 from AudioCubes
Well, it seems to be a robot themed day. This robot takes charge of a task that no other robot can handle: toilet paper dispensing. I guess it's not really a robot... just a regular old toilet paper holder shaped like a robot's head. So don't expect it to start talking to you while you pull toilet paper through its mouth. Hmm... I guess that's a good thing.... Multiple excellent colors available. Ceramic.

Found by Don. Thanks!

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comrade  [2011-09-30 00:07:40]
la informaciĆ³n muy de valor

porsche  [2011-10-03 11:33:40]
De nada!

research paper writing  [2016-10-20 06:22:59]
Robotan toilet paper holders are looking cute, the colors you have published here are also beautiful. I am wondering for a company that can serve me.
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