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Plush Aquarium

Plush Aquarium
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$125.00 from Etsy
More Fish Day items! This plush aquarium is perfect for those of us who think that fish are a little too... high maintenance (all that feeding, cleaning, make-sure-they-don't-die-ing... bah!). This kit converts your empty glass aquarium into a playful showcase of colorful, fleece sea creatures! Looks like a great gift for your child who really wants live fish, but could never resist the allure of plush things. Too funny.

Found by Mokona. Thanks!

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amandamax  [2008-08-19 02:39:45]
Wow! its a good aquarium and looking colorful with little fishes. We can present it as gift to anyone looking very beautiful.
Landon  [2014-04-05 15:32:59]
Ahhhhh your fish dying that because you don't to regular water changes, don't feed them, or know what the nitrogen cycle is, not taking care of a fish that is sick, not knowing how to properly acclimate fish, or filter cleanings, or not knowing much about the fish. This is why most fish die in less then a month.
paper  [2017-01-24 03:14:19]
Ha ha so pretty,I would love to get one of these Plush Aquarium for my niece,After I get some paper service completed this would be my next objective to do,So much pleasing to see no wonder it would be amazing in real too
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