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Pencil Shaving Necklace

Pencil Shaving Necklace
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$198.00 from Etsy
Perhaps someone will invent a silver pencil in the future and you can make your own silver pencil shavings, but until then this is the only pencil shaving that you could wear around your neck (for more than one minute). Oh, and try saying "silver pencil shaving" three times fast.

Found by Angel via Wishlist. Thanks!

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amandamax  [2008-08-27 03:15:17]
Excellent with one waste pen shaving you make it as a chain. Really its a great thing.  [2016-12-17 12:09:19]
Wow this necklace is looking different and beautifully designed. I really liked this “Sliver Pencil Shaving” model. I want grab one for me and see how I look wearing this necklace. I like to wear thing like this one which has variety design and makes me look different in others.
Custom Assignment  [2016-12-19 00:38:49]
I truly resemble this “Sliver Pencil Shaving” representation. I desire grip single for me along with observe how I seem tiring this necklace. I similar to show off obsession this one which includes diversity intend.
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Louvre Tours   [2016-12-19 06:16:16]
Wow! This looks pretty impressive. Good work by the designer to introduce such an absolutely wonderful product. I would definitely like to order one of those. This will surely guarantee a variety look for me with the different style of design.
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