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$19.99 from BitBoost
PawSense is a software program designed to analyze and distinguish cat typing from human typing and block the cat's keyboard input once recognized. How does it do that? Who cares! Just keep those pesky cats out of my spreadsheets! Also from the site's FAQ: "PawSense detects the paws of even deaf cats." Well... I'm sold.

Found by Angel. Thanks!

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Mina  [2008-01-08 11:31:32]
Hahaha. Cat who really want to sabotage you will learn to type like dogs.
Angel  [2008-01-08 19:44:09]
"If you carefully measure cat paws, you will find that practically all cat paws are significantly larger than a typical keyboard key." Cat may be clever, but I doubt he can alter the size of his paws or grow opposable thumbs.
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