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Origami Boulder

Origami Boulder
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$10.00 from Origami Boulder Company
This is an origami boulder (read: wadded up piece of paper) for you to purchase and enjoy as a table centerpiece or desk ornament, or give to someone who appreciates things of this nature. Like boulders, or origami, or irony. We'd recommend buying the one with the bamboo container, just so that your significant other or maid or office janitor or whatever doesn't toss it in the recycling. The whole ordeal is serious (he really will make one of these for you) and actually, it's kind of beautiful in the way it reflects the strangeness of exchanging money for useless goods, which we do all the time. (That's why you're here, isn't it?)

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Don  [2007-12-05 11:43:41]
Stumbling across this product was more or less the inspiration for Curiobot. A perfect example of internet strangeness.
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