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$39.00 from Generate Design
This extremely clever light bulb appears to attach to the socket sideways. In reality though, it's more of a Siamese bulb: two bases and one dome. So you screw one base in to the socket, and one is left to bewilder your guests. An exquisite modification to one of those products that we never usually pay attention to.

Found by Don. Thanks!

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Don  [2007-12-15 19:35:41]
My favorite product in a while.
Don  [2008-01-07 06:40:27]
Bumping this up to the top because it's still awesome.
Megan  [2009-10-01 16:40:23]
I wish I had the money and the lighting capabilities in my room in order to be able to put this in. But I will long for it until then.
Marni  [2010-02-16 14:39:08]
Where can you get these in Australia?
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