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Jeeves: The Bowler Light

Jeeves: The Bowler Light
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£210.00 from Hidden Art
Remarkable! From the site: "These pendant lights are suitable for any aspiring gentleman or conscientious manservant where class and sophistication are the essential components to illumination.... Both exude that quintessential British combination of regimented style and eccentricity." We agree. There's also a similar top hat light available on the site. We're not sure which room these would go in... but we know you'll figure it out.

Found by Don. Thanks!

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amandamax  [2008-09-04 01:22:54]
These pendant lights are suitable for any aspiring gentleman. Looking very nice.
modemlooper  [2008-09-09 14:01:04]
I think its cool but the price seem high.
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