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Guy Robot - Ollie

Guy Robot - Ollie
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$1,475.00 from Guy Robot
We are in love. Guy Robot creates one-of-a-kind robot sculptures out of recycled industrial "junk" and each one tugs at our hearts to be taken home. Ollie is one of our favorites because he is tough and does eleven thousand pull-ups on a dare. And now, some very important notes from the creators: "Guy Robots are not toys: they do not walk or talk or give legal advice. They are not dangerous and will not bite, kick, pinch, or emit ozone. Guy Robots will not - unless repeatedly provoked - harass your dog or cat." In other words, they are perfect.

Found by Don. Thanks!

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Julie  [2008-04-03 07:05:23]
Good. My dogs and cats don't like to be harassed.
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