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Giant Squid

Giant Squid
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$2,500.00 from McLeod Residence
We're very proud of this find: a 20-foot red plush squid. Artist Cassandra Nguyen made it after watching a documentary on giant squids and apparently developing some sort of obsession with the creatures. I can't blame her. They're very big and mysterious. This guy, Archibald, is the size of an adolescent giant squid... the artist plans to make a 60-foot adult-sized version in the future. Made from "ultrasuede, velvet, brocade, felt and toile". Guaranteed to be much more cuddly than a real squid. And you know, as far as 20-foot plush sea creatures go, it's a great deal.

Found by Don. Thanks!

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Angel  [2008-03-16 07:18:40]
I must have him
brytani  [2008-03-16 10:33:29]
he's so awesome. i must have one.
Heir-apparent  [2008-03-17 08:02:03]
You know what would be awesome? If the guy in the white coat was INSIDE the squid rather than just holding him up. He could have small eye holes. And he could squid around.
squidzot  [2008-04-13 17:56:17]
yep, that would be really cool!
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