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Giant LED Clock

Giant LED Clock
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$109.98 from Brands On Sale
This Giant LED Clock makes it rather difficult to not be aware of it at all times. Perfect for those of us that are constantly losing track of the time. Measures roughly 40" by 15".

Found by Don. Thanks!

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Don  [2008-01-02 18:33:23]
Note that the scary woman in the picture is there to give you a sense of scale. She does not come with the clock, thank God. reviews  [2016-11-27 08:57:10]
This LED Clock is an amazing idea, but did you try it, did it work? I would love to hear more about this, i love how technology has advanced so far its like we live in the world if IT without which we might just go back to the old age and be like cavemen! And $109? That's too much don't you think?
Language of Desire  [2016-12-07 03:05:50]
I am deeply saddened by the curriculum and workings of the educational insitute today, who are only producing literate people at most, and least of actually educated people. Education is not about considering yourself higher from the other on the basis of knowledge, but being humble because you hvae enough knowledge! The way Language of Desire has been imparting knowledge is commendable though!
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