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Fluid Earth

Fluid Earth
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$231.53 from Fluidforms
Not only are these visually stunning, they are also completely customizable. Choose a location - your neighborhood, your favorite vacation spot, what have you - and they will create your very own, truly unique replica of the terrain. An amazing concept, really. Made with laminated beech.

Found by Don via DesignSpotter. Thanks!

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Tara  [2007-12-14 06:25:09]
I could have used this for my topo models in school! That is, if I were very very rich.
WiFiKill app for ios  [2017-01-12 06:19:57]
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essay writing online australia  [2017-01-16 02:55:05]
This Fluidforms by cuiro bot seems like a product I must have. Moreover this will go great with my kitchen and interior. They are so pretty and captivating, I would love to own one of these some time soon.
videmate   [2017-01-17 05:19:56]
nice post
Promo Codes  [2017-01-17 05:29:18]
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