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Floppy Disk CDR

Floppy Disk CDR
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$14.00 from Designboom
Ah, yes. Someone was bound to think of it eventually. A mini CDR, cleverly disguised as an old school 3.5" floppy disk. I'm not sure what it is about this kind of thing that makes it so appealing, I guess it's the irony. We all love irony. And we also love spinning squares. This doesn't work with slot drives, obviously. Comes with 3 label colors!

Found by Don. Thanks!

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Floppy These Days  [2016-09-30 09:36:26]
Before a decade, we have been using floppy disc as a secondary device to save data. But these days, we have completely avoided the use of it. Even computers have moved to avoid the usage of floppy. Nowadays, we have pendrives, memory cards etc to save more data. And extended HDD is available as well.

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medical billing outsourcing companies   [2016-12-28 03:04:13]
I am not sure about this. What can be this used for? A floppy disk in a CD drive? The idea looks so cool but I don’t think this will be much useful since the floppy don’t have much capacity.
Jorgerow  [2017-01-03 04:46:46]
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moisturizing face mask   [2017-01-06 06:29:47]
I have gone through the floppy disk CDR you are shared here. I am little bit confused about the picture. Is it possible to work a floppy disk in a CD Drive? Please update with more information so that we can understand the real concept behind its working.
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