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Fish Bowl Bookends

Fish Bowl Bookends
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$29.95 from Wrapables
Now once you've filled your bathroom with the Aquarium Toilet and Aquarium Sink, you'll need a way to bring the aquarium madness into the rest of the house. Enter the Fish Bowl Bookends! Cute, but also a little sad... the two fishy residents are so noticeably cut off from each other! But then again, you could put two fish in each and occasionally place the bookends side by side, so that the fish couples could get to know their neighbors. That would be much less sad. Also available in a larger size.

Found by Don. Thanks!

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XMalice  [2008-08-19 21:06:49]
You couldn't put 2 of those fish in each one. Betas will usually kill each other if put in the same bowl. sometimes they will kill themselves trying to kill the fish in the next tank if they are side by side.
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