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Drink Selector Mug

Drink Selector Mug
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$23.99 from Boys to Men Gifts
Similar to "My Cuppa Coffee" but this one seems to be geared towards getting other people to make your perfect cup of coffee or tea, which is totally cool. The nifty stainless steel selector rings twist so that you can reveal your drink preferences right on the cup. No speaking necessary.

Found by Angel. Thanks!

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concerned employee  [2007-12-13 08:21:19]
If you buy this for your boss are you then obligated to get him coffee every day?
amandamax  [2008-08-27 03:07:48]
Really its look good and natural we can these type of mugs in offices.
Dusty2016  [2016-06-24 04:21:57]
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