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Daisy Vase

Daisy Vase
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$26.00 from Designboom
This precariously small vase is actually hand-blown/molded from an actual BIC ballpoint pen. They'll hold a single flower (not too top heavy) and a bit of water. Very simple and very pretty.

Found by Don. Thanks!

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maryjay  [2008-04-04 23:14:00]
so...a bong?
wormw00d  [2008-04-05 16:45:19]
I thought of a bong when I saw it
vince  [2008-06-22 22:27:40]
seems like u

could use it

to consume drugs

but thats just wat it seems
anon  [2008-07-02 06:23:52]
That's a bong, period.
boredtotears  [2008-07-04 15:45:53]
I hope you don't bong this up!

its plastic, it will kill you!

the fumes oh god the fumes.
Leg3nd  [2008-08-10 18:38:56]
Doesn't look to hard to make....Why would i pay $26 for it?
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