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Coink Bank

Coink Bank
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$39.00 from Generate Design
Traditional piggy banks actually make depositing change difficult! How tiresome is it to drop every one of the coins in your pocket, one at a time, through that narrow slot? Well, don't answer that, because you don't have to whine about it anymore. This pig is extremely coin-friendly... bordering on downright GREEDY. This little guy has a built in porcelain funnel for improved change-mongering. Sweet.

Found by Don. Thanks!

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Limey  [2007-12-13 10:30:24]
Great gift idea, I found it cheaper at $34.99
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Superior Papers writing service  [2016-12-23 03:39:46]
I like collecting piggy banks and I remember when I was small there were varieties of piggy banks in which I use to store money. This picture in the post is very nice and I would like to buy it for my nephew. I hope you would showcase such things more.
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