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Coat Hanger Decal

Coat Hanger Decal
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$118.00 from Greenergrassdesign
Vinyl wall decals are all the rage and they are certainly the ultimate space savers. Traditional coat hangers are convenient to have around but they can look sloppy and just get in the way of things. In comes the coat hanger wall decal to the rescue; just stick it onto the wall and hammer in some hooks and you've got yourself a genuine coat hanger.

Found by Angel. Thanks!

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Gary Neal  [2011-05-18 07:11:53]
This is a super clever design. Love the coat hanger and the shoes! My wife is a big fan of the vinyl wall decals.
Misty  [2011-09-14 09:53:04]
What a smart idea! I love how creative this is! I am a big fan of vinyl wall decals
and now vinyl coat hangers.
best essay writing service  [2016-11-16 05:24:31]
This coat hangger decal is an amazing idea, but did you try it, did it work? I would love to hear more about this, i love how technology has advanced so far its like we live in the world if IT without which we might just go back to the old age and be like cavemen! And $118? That's too much don't you think?
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