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Celebrity Weighing Scale

Celebrity Weighing Scale
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$34.95 from Firebox
We all know that it's not healthy to obsess over your weight. It is, after all, just a number. However, weighing and comparing yourself to a bunch of celebrities has much more significance and relevance in real life. Do you weigh as much as Ron Jeremy or Judge Judy? Is Chuck Norris your ideal weight? Available in two colors.

Found by Don. Thanks!

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Angel  [2008-04-08 08:57:05]
We thought this bit from the merchant's site was funny: "Please note, if you are a celebrity then these scales might not be that much use. They will only tell you that you weigh as much as you."
Don  [2008-04-08 09:47:12]
Chuck Norris is my ideal weight.
rushmypaper services  [2016-12-07 07:36:10]
what do you mean celebrity weighing scale? Is is for celebrities only? And $34 seriously? You guys have totally lost your midn if you think people would buy a stupid thing like that i mean what the hell, celebrity scale, so stupid!
Become His Secret Obsession  [2016-12-10 13:49:11]
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phenomenal   [2017-01-06 08:25:12]
"Please note, if you are a celebrity then these scales might not be that much use. They will only tell you that you weigh as much as you."
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