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Caution: Cat Vomit

Caution: Cat Vomit
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$12.00 from
This is one of the most brilliant pet products we have seen. Now only if we can teach them to put up the sign after they've emptied their stomach contents onto the floor... THAT would be brilliant. The sign also reads "Cuidado: Vomito de Gato" on the other side for the bilingual cats and their folks.

Found by Angel via Moderncat. Thanks!

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Selena  [2008-01-14 07:33:37]
OMG I'm so getting me one of these! This would've came in handy this morning when I stumbled out of my bed and almost slipped on Loki's stomach content. EWWW!
Mokona  [2008-08-02 14:45:34]
I need one of these... and the little janitor who comes along to clean it up for me. :)
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