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Cassette Tape Dispenser

Cassette Tape Dispenser
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$19.99 from Perpetual Kid
I'm kind of surprised that this punny tape dispenser wasn't invented a decade or two ago, but I suppose that it could've been genuinely mistaken for a tape back then, and that would've been disastrous... or not. It seems that the only times you see a cassette-like product now are when its actually a Mix Tape USB Drive or a Cassette MP3 Player or something. Ahh, the sad but inevitable extinction and retro revival of the tape. There are already a few bands releasing albums on tapes as if they were vinyl. I'm getting old!

Found by betterblox. Thanks!

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Brian  [2008-10-01 16:28:32]
I don't know why this one has the skull and cross bones, it looks like the website still works
Don  [2008-10-04 15:25:57]
Yah they just get the skull and crossbones when we add them temporarily without a description. It's just so they don't appear on the main page without text.
best essay papers  [2016-12-24 08:11:34]
I have a lot of cassette tapes just sitting there in my cupboard. I've been meaning to get rid of them but I just could not find the time. With this dispenser though, I don't need to worry about time anymore. I am buying this now!
Devotion System  [2016-12-27 13:35:46]
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Andre  [2016-12-28 07:59:58]
That's a nice piece of furniture! My girlfriend would love that! lol
Dirty Questions to Ask a Man  [2016-12-31 11:35:01]
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things to do in catalina island   [2017-01-05 01:34:59]
It is sad that our future generation won’t even know what these tapes are. They won’t ever know the joy of recording sounds in a tape and playing it later. They won’t know the joy of playing with the reels.
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