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Canon USB Flash Drive (Not a Camera)

Canon USB Flash Drive (Not a Camera)
Canon USB Flash Drive (Not a Camera) - Image #1
Canon USB Flash Drive (Not a Camera) - Image #2
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(See site for price) from E-bay
This is not a camera but a 2GB USB flash drive in the shape of a miniature camera. It would make a great gift to photography enthusiasts, especially if they happen to have the matching camera. We love miniatures.

Found by Angel. Thanks!

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Comments  [2009-07-23 12:42:56]
love this, where can i get one as they ate no longer on ebay
imampurry  [2013-04-19 11:11:20]
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internet videos downloader  [2016-01-26 00:49:01]
it is amazing to take s difficult to buy at ebay,when iam ready to buy it it showing as sold out
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Thank you I have successfully made a purchase.  [2016-05-01 10:24:39]
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