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Can't Have It? Stick It

Can\'t Have It? Stick It
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50,00€ from Can't Have It? Stick It
I don't know about you, but I've always wanted a Siberian Tiger as a pet. They tell me I can't have that. I'm sure there are things that you want but can't have, but there is hope for us all. 'Can't Have It? Stick It' makes life-size stickers of all sorts of things you can't have for one reason or another. Your lease doesn't allow dogs in your apartment? It will certainly allow a life-size sticker of a dog. Can't afford that antique furniture you've always dreamed of? Maybe a life-size sticker will hold you over until you can save up the money. If you can't find the perfect sticker, they will custom-make one just for you. Prices vary.

Found by Angel. Thanks!

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Don  [2008-01-08 20:52:26]
I'm bumping this up because I just suddenly had this "I really really needed to think of this first" moment. These guys are brilliant. Visit their site. I'm thinking about custom ordering a peep hole for our door.
P. Tom  [2008-01-10 09:06:03]
You have no peep hole?
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