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$69.00 from Generate Design
Your child's rain boot has taken on a second career as a handbag, and we think it's doing a darn good job of it. Fun and whimsical, and by a very young designer, but still perfectly suitable for graceful older ladies as pictured.

Found by Angel. Thanks!

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Don  [2008-03-14 18:08:55]
I wonder what the inside looks like... whether it's lined or just plain rubber. And I wonder how you get things out of the toe.
Angel  [2008-03-14 20:20:07]
You wonder too much.
amandamax  [2008-09-05 02:11:47]
Hi its looking very nice and good.
bear  [2010-04-10 02:48:27]
i made my own i love it. its my favourite bag.. thought it does get alot of comments
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