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Better View

Better View
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$749.00 from Generate Design
Are you tired of looking into the trash-filled alley? Is your window uncomfortably close and aligned to your neighbor's? Or are you just bored with the unremarkable view outside your window? Better View perforated roller blinds can simulate an exciting cityscape by letting light seep in through the cut out holes. Suddenly, you are in Paris (or any of the four available cities) at night time.

Found by Angel. Thanks!

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Anon  [2009-03-31 15:22:42]
..........A blackout blind with some holes in it.......$750......WTF?

Seriously, why would ANYONE pay that much for a blind?
Bob  [2009-03-31 15:48:49]
$750.. is a tad too much.
sabka  [2009-04-01 23:07:39]
$750.00 ..... eek. The material probably doesnt cost that much, and i'm sure precision and patience to punch out those designs won't cost that much either. This is a rip off....and quite frankly the design is flawed as it blocks out too much light, which is the main function for a window anyway, rather than a view??? perhaps if it was made with semi transparent material or had tinted colours that were pleasing...this design has a long way to go before reaching any kind of market.
custom written essay  [2017-01-10 09:09:00]
It feels awkward when the window is attached to the neighbors home. The roller blinds are the best alternate of avoiding such awkwardness.It would be so interesting if the designs would be changing.
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