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39,00€ from COM-PA-NY
From the site: 'For anyone who ever wanted to try a beard.' You could also stop envying the bearded men keeping their faces warm in the winter (that goes for you too, ladies).

Found by Don. Thanks!

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Don  [2007-12-05 12:52:24]
I'm bumping this guy up to the front of the list even though he's been on the site since we started. A great winter gift.
Don  [2007-12-05 13:56:18]
Buy one for your mother this Christmas.
Angel  [2007-12-05 19:11:21]
If you get it for a already-bearded boyfriend, would he shave his off? This looks much softer than the real deal.
Don  [2008-01-07 06:41:12]
Bumping this up because we're getting a bunch of traffic and everyone should see this all-time favorite.
Angel  [2008-02-27 06:18:53]
I know we bump this up a lot but it seemed imperative that Beardwear to be near Beard Cap. They're like long lost siblings.
Don  [2008-02-29 13:01:44]
Except this one's way better.
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