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Bakers Edge

Bakers Edge
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$34.99 from Think Geek
We all know that the edge brownies are the best. Well, someone finally acted on it. This baking pan's zig-zag design ensures that there are at least two edges per piece. No more fighting at the dessert table... except for the 3-edged pieces!

Found by Angel. Thanks!

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Rob  [2008-05-20 09:41:48]
What a flawed idea! The best parts are everywhere except the edge. You feed the edge bits to the dog.
Julie  [2008-05-21 07:44:14]
Some people are edge people. I'm a middle person too though.

PS. Chocolate is bad for dogs.
Don  [2008-05-22 05:27:27]
Rob, ever wonder why your dogs are so short-lived?
Jen  [2008-05-24 06:19:39]
I have this pan. I love this pan!
Kiesten  [2008-08-11 22:52:53]
I LOVE the edge bits!
XMalice  [2008-08-19 21:49:23]
The edge bits are the best. I fight w/ my husband over them all the time.
Cathy  [2008-08-30 14:50:08]
And lasagna fits perfectly. I love the chewy cheesy edges!
Jess  [2009-02-26 17:07:39]
No, I totally agree with Rob and Julie. The edge pieces are the ones I avoid at all costs!
Flo  [2009-03-08 07:13:20]
Brownian Movement  [2010-02-07 19:21:53]
There is only one good brownie in a square pan - the one in the very center, still hot and gooey. This is a pan full of fail.
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