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ArchPort Stash Sandals

ArchPort Stash Sandals
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$42.45 from
These sandals have a secret compartment where you can stash your valuables while you frolic in the water. No more leaving your wallet not-so-hidden inside your shoes or having someone stay behind to watch your stuff. Available in two styles and multiple colors.

Found by Don. Thanks!

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Tim  [2008-03-15 00:35:52]
Just don't wear them to the airport, or you're in for some fun with the security people!
Don  [2008-03-15 21:09:23]
Yeah I couldn't help but think that these were originally designed to smuggle drugs.
Casper Ratke  [2016-11-16 02:10:31]
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Harry Green  [2016-12-29 07:18:04]
It looks amazing. From where can i get them?
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