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AT-AT In Heels

AT-AT In Heels
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$20.00 from Nil Ultra
This clever t-shirt depicts an AT-AT walker from Star Wars wearing some rather stunning red heels. The shirt's wit and reverence for science fiction is sure to win the heart of every geek you pass on the street. Available on olive or silver American Apparel shirts.

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CaleNuamneutt7  [2013-05-16 03:43:18]
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Gildas Loaëc Brings A Bit of Paris to NYC ELLE
Gildas Loaëc Brings A Bit of Paris to NYCFebruary 18 5:30 PMby Matt Smoak 0 Comments André Saraiva & Gildas [url=]coach [url=]coach factory outlet online[/url] factory online[/url] Loaëc. Photo: Kitsuné It's no secret that New Yorkers (especially those in fashion) are obsessed with all things French. The Parisian fashion elite invade New York every season, but this time around there was one international tastemaker, Gildas Loaëc, the co-founder of Kitsuné, who was determined to make his mark. Google Loaëc and the likes of Olivier Zahm, André Saraiva, and Daft Punk pop up on his professional pedigree. With a new album, new string of artists, and new American collaboration, the former Daft Punk manager is putting indie music on the American agenda. ELLE: In addition to a fashion collection every season, Kitsuné releases an album of some of the hottest and newest artists—what inspired your upcoming compilation Kitsuné Parisien? GL : Kitsuné music label is based in Paris; we work in Paris, we live in Paris and we collaborate with artists from the US, Canada, and the UK. This time we wanted to make a compilation that is 100% French—a sampling of what French music sounds like, what the kids are listening to in Paris. ELLE: You run with a very established music and fashion crowd, it would only make sense that every new artist looking for street cred would [url=]Coach factory outlet[/url] want to be promoted through your label. How do you choose your artists? GL: We always [url=]Coach factory outlet[/url] look for new fun acts. The younger and newer the better. We French, in a way, are better at making more electro songs than rock so we focus on the electronic, it's what's fun for us. ELLE: You really value young independent musicians. Where do [url=]coach factory outlet[/url] you stand on mainstream American music and pop stars like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Britney? GL: We love working with younger artists, and our artists do go on to get great coverage on the radio, MTV, etc. I am open to and enjoy mainstream music sometimes, it's not my preference, but in the end it's all about the music, if it's good and fun that's what matters. ELLE: Kitsuné already has a large international presence in Europe and Japan. What is in the future for Kitsuné in the U.S.? GL: We just got a new start in the U.S. with New York based label Downtown Music, so we will be coming over to the states more and more to work with more American artists. ELLE: What's unique about New York's artists? GL: There is an exoticism to New York City itself, each neighborhood has a different attitude towards fashion and music. Whenever I visit a certain neighborhood it seems like people live in a music video. It's funny to see all the details from hats to tattoos to whatsoever, there is a special care to the look and style that Americans have. It's fun! ELLE: What do you hope Americans can take from Kitsuné Parisien? GL: We just hope you enjoy it! We want everyone to love French music as much as we do Tags: daft punk Andr?? Saraiva Kitsuné Gildas Loa??c
KewQuavavak  [2013-05-27 05:48:20]
Glowing Bronzer Alternatives ELLE
Glowing Bronzer AlternativesMay 16 4:01 PMby Cheryl Wischhover 0 Comments Nars' Portrait of Paradise. Bronzers, when used correctly, can do amazing things for your face. They contour, give you a glow, and make you look like you've been lolling around in Cannes for a few days. But they're tricky to use, and if you choose the wrong shade or apply it in bad light, you may unwittingly be mistaken for one of the Kardashians. So what do you do when you want a little glow and color without a full-on bronzer? You're in luck, because cosmetics companies have a slew of options for you this season. From light-reflecting particles to new pinks [url=]cheap coach outlet[/url] and peaches to barely-there bronzers, there's no need to look pasty any longer. Ease into a deeper summer glow with these clever powders, all of which are new for spring. MAC [url=]coach factory[/url] Magically Cool Liquid Powder One of the more unique launches of the season, this product is destined for greatness. It looks like a traditional powder, but when you brush it on your face there's a sensation that you've been lightly spritzed with cool water. It then blends to impart a silky sheen and smooth complexion, thanks to magical light-diffusing pigments. It comes in three shades and [url=]coach factory[/url] will be part of MAC's permanent collection. ($29.50) Nars Portrait of Paradise Blush Bronzer [url=]coach factory[/url] Trio Multi-tasking beauty products are very on trend (lucky for us!) and this one is brilliant. The compact contains three products: Laguna bronzing powder, Orgasm blush, and Albatross highlighter. You can choose your own level of coverage—mix a tiny bit of bronzer in with your blush, highlight where needed, then change the proportions later in the season. (Limited edition, $55.00) Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte in Rose Merveille As the name suggests, this powder has a rosy tint to it—it almost veers into blush territory. It [url=]coach factory outlet[/url] gives a light matte finish, and Chanel claims it will give you a "halo-like" look.  Sounds great, whatever that means. (Limited edition, $45) Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Cheek Color in Sunkissed Coral Cream blushes are fantastic, but maybe too heavy in the summer. Try a light ground powder blush in orange's safer sister, coral. Before you run away screaming in [url=]coach outlet website[/url] horror, know this: it's actually a pretty universally flattering color. ($28) Clinique Almost Bronzer SPF 15 While not a brand new product for the brand, it now comes with a mini makeup bag emblazoned with cheery yellow and green flowers. It offers you two sheer shades in one compact, again allowing you to mix as needed. (Limited Edition, $29) Tags: mac nars elizabeth arden chanel clinique
Gaicedecy  [2013-06-01 08:58:23]
Seize the Vote ELLE
Seize the VoteOctober 1 5:55 PMby ELLE 0 Comments Senators John McCain and Barack Obama are both in Washington today, joining with fellow lawmakers in trying to push through a bailout plan [url=]coach outlet store online[/url] for the collapsing economy. An earlier draft of the bailout failed narrowly Monday, pushing Wall Street and the country even deeper into financial crisis. In light of this, reaching an economic rescue plan today is all the more important. That the bipartisan rescue of the economy has suddenly become a focal point of this election cycle is something that could potentially be very good for either candidate since, to some extent, it provides a clean slate for each. For McCain, for instance, the turn of events means that less attention is being paid to his unpopular stance on the Iraq War. For Obama, the focus gives him a chance to demonstrate himself as a strong lawmaker in crisis, a claim that has gone largely untested given his lack of years in the Beltway. In fact, this may be working for him: An Associated Press report this morning found that the majority of voters have found Obama's actions in the economic collapse helpful, while McCain's have tended to be harmful. These poll results are hardly [url=]coach factory outlet[/url] surprising, and McCain should take heed. One strategy that certainly cannot work for the GOP hopeful is the strategy he employed last week when he promised [url=]coach factory outlet[/url] to suspend his campaign until a recovery plan was reached in the Senate and then changed his mind at the last minute, joining Obama in Oxford, Mississippi Friday evening for the season's first debate. Despite his seemingly strong performance in the debate that evening, McCain's lack of sticking to his principles in resuming his campaign reduced an otherwise bold move to a mindless campaign stunt. McCain supporters have reasons to be disappointed by this. Up until now, what McCain has had over Obama's charisma is his steadfast commitment to the political process. That he allowed himself to be swayed by one impulse and then the opposite bodes poorly, and he ought to avoid that in the future. Tags:
freellHek  [2013-06-01 09:22:50]
Ruffian Fall 2013 Preview Ruffian Los Angeles Preview Party ELLE
Ruffian Celebrates its Fall 2013 Line in L.A. [url=]coach factory outlet online[/url] with Lydia HearstMay 8 1:00 PMby Natalie Alcala 0 CommentsPhoto:"Our girl is both punk and princess," explained Ruffian designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais at last night's intimate Fall 2013 preview in Beverly Hills. "She's not [url=][/url] afraid to mix it up." Held in a posh penthouse at the Thompson Hotel, the starry fête was a salute to both New York and Los Angeles, showcasing rebellious ready-to-wear originally inspired by the former and instantly embraced by the latter. "L.A. girls are experts at looking both dressed up and dressed down at the same time, which is what our collection, 'Reverie,' is all about," Morais added. West Coast muses on hand to demonstrate this talent included starlet Rose McGowan, Satine boutique owner Jeannie Lee (who held a Ruffian trunk show at her shop a day prior), and the night's host, model and [url=]coach factory[/url] actress Lydia Hearst. "I met the Ruffian boys [url=]factory coach outlet[/url] when I was just starting out in the fashion scene, almost 10 years ago," Hearst revealed, fresh off wrapping her latest film, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero. "I was a baby! It was at a fashion week event, and I remember them being so sweet. Then, I fell in love with their designs. I love that every single piece is entirely different and that you can make it your own by adding personal touches, like accessories." Her adornment of choice was an intricate crown braid. It paired well with an embellished-sleeve number that first enchanted her during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in February. Walking through the collection, which is set to hit stores this summer, you're immediately transported to Wolk and Morais's world, where the [url=]coach outlet online[/url] history of New York's provocative Bowery Street meets today's anything-goes attitude. "Nostalgia and modernism are inextricably linked at Ruffian," Wolk explained. "We like to shake things up." One of the standout pieces is a voluminous jacket inspired by an 18th century men's barrel coat. The designers updated it with [url=]coach factory outlet[/url] a fresh print and a funky silhouette. Menswear is an ongoing theme throughout the moody range, as is the mysterious style of legendary detective, Sherlock Holmes. Next stop on Ruffian's California road trip: Menlo Park. "We hear it’s the Beverly Hills of San Francisco," said Wolk. "Then Mendocino for the week. Then, it's back to New York before heading to China." Catch them if you can.
frotGofeKaf  [2013-06-16 23:44:01]
All Yoga: Mind/Body Exercise Hip for 2006
January 18, 2006Mind/Body Exercise Hip for has announced what they believe to be the hottest

fitness trends of 2006. Included on the list were Bikram Yoga, Intensati ( a moving meditation that combines

martial arts-like movement with pilates and yoga), Masala Bhangra (an exotic blend of dance that burns around

500 calories per session), and Gyrotonics (training that combines principles from yoga, dance, gymnastics,

swimming, and tai chi).It's nice to see so many yoga-inspired workouts out

[url=]lululemon sale[/url]there today. Still, I

wonder if we're not trying to hard to transform a classic art into a

[url=]lululemon sale[/url]fat-burning workout.

While some of the newest trends above seem [url=]lululemon outlet[/url]interesting (I may even try a few myself), I'm going to

stick with my traditional yoga.
No bells, very little whistles, [url=]lululemon outlet online[/url]no hype.Still, [url=]

lululemon outlet[/url]Intensati has peaked my

Thomson  [2013-06-20 03:52:08]
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cognizant that can't [url=][b]レイバン メガネ[/b][/url]
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a partnership up of these iconic sunglasses.While Ray[url=][b]レイバン メガネ[/b][/url]
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can be seen on the next genesis of Hollywood style setters, the famed sunglasses had a much more practical [url=][b]レイバン サングラス カタログ[/b][/url]
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gzjo|ellaijb926  [2013-06-22 11:39:10]
Speaking [url=][b]gaga 時計[/b][/url]
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genius [url=][b]ガガ 時計[/b][/url]
before a third. [url=][b]時計 ガガミラノ[/b][/url]
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reductions in the tons of adroit warheads in Europe.However [url=][b]時計 gaga[/b][/url]
Russia's Characteristic Prime Preacher Dmitry Rogozin said Moscow [url=][b]時計 gaga[/b][/url]
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swoop covenant [url=][b]ガガミラノ[/b][/url]
in 2010 to mutually lop their stockpiles of atomic weapons to a climax of 1,550 warheads and no more than 700 deployed launchers.Mr Obama said the US was "on watch" to ear-splitting its warheads to pre-Cold Struggle levels, but "we hold more below route to do".
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n the brain to replace them especially if someone's stolen them and committed identity theft. Off season clothes. While figuring out which clothes to bring to college can be a challenge, one easy rule to go by is to leave off season clothes behind. If you're heading to school in August, for example, you can probably get your warmest winter jacket in a few months. There's no need to have clothes you aren't going to wear take up already limited space in your room. Duplicates of what your roommate has. There are quite a few things you can share with your roommate, so make sure to touch base with him or her before you pack. Two microwaves, for example, will steal a ton of space and be unnecessary. Figure out what each of you wants to bring and then divide and conquer. Drugs and alcohol. This should go without saying, but moving into your residence hall room or apartment with drugs and or alcohol is a pretty rough way to start out the year. Besides setting yourself up to focus on things other than academics which is what you're in college for at the end of the day, it can set you off on the wrong foot with an RA or [url=]football shirts thailand[/url] landlord if anyone sees you. Don't sabotage all the work you did to get to college by making a dumb mistake when you first arrive. Description:Enter Jameson's Barrelgate Sweepstakes on Facebook for your shot at winning one of six trips to Las Vegas to watch the Super Bowl or other prizes like Jameson branded games, coolers, grills, and more. This sweepstakes has expired. Sweepstakes Links:Sweepstakes Entry Form: https: www. facebook. com jamesonwhiskey app 240250962763902Sweepstakes Rules: https: [url=]team football kits[/url] www. jamesonsweepstakes. com fb official rules. phpSweepstakes Homepage: www. facebook. com jamesonwhiskey Category:Facebook Contests, Food Drink Sweepstakes, Gift Certificates Sweepstakes, Holiday Sweepstakes, House Garden Sweepstakes, Las Vegas Sweepstakes, Sports Sweepstakes, Super Bowl Sweepstakes, Toys Games Sweepstakes, US Vacation Sweepstakes, Medium Sweepstake

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The Brilliance [url=][/url]
Unrestricted Superintendence of Fineness Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine announced yesterday that the 2012 local [url=]サングラス 人気[/url]
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She also said that thousands of doctors would be drafted in from abroad to redress the chauvinistic well-being service.Earlier [url=][b]ガガ 時計[/b][/url]
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The demonstrations began on the other side of convey supervise rises in Sao Paulo, but at grew into rallies across the mom country against corruption and other issues.On Thursday dark more than a million people took to the streets and there was violence in numerous cities in which dozens were injured and two people died.Protests continued on Friday with an estimated 1,000 people marching in Rio de Janeiro.
codysqz   [2013-06-28 20:53:11]
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As we walk along a path that leads along the dry riverbed, silent except for scuttling lizards, the place feels like loneliness itself. There is a lingering sadness about Lear. He was the 'Old Derry down Derry, who loved to see little folks merry', but epilepsy set him apart. We don't meet any Froglodytes, but in one cave there is a horse and some chickens.

With the Lok Sabha elections fast approaching, both sides are positioning themselvesManmohan for a dignified exit, if not a third term, and Sonia for a clean slate for son Rahul Gandhi.

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' it's important that adhd be correctly diagnosed
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The demonstrations began on the other side of banishment take care of rises in Sao Paulo, but with all shoot grew into rallies across the boonies against corruption and other issues.On Thursday eventide more than a million people took to the streets and there was passion in a discrepancy of cities in which dozens were injured and two people died.Protests continued on Friday with an estimated 1,000 people marching in Rio de Janeiro.
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Margaret writes, "I am allergic to substances used in very, very many shoes as are [url=]soccer jerseys cheap[/url] an increasing number of people. "When it first happened to me, I thought I must be crazy. ? Bought a new pair of walking shoes, wore them for one hour with socks on my treadmill, and afterward the skin on the tops of my toes and feet felt irritated and itchy. ? I wore those shoes a total of three one hour stints, resulting in the tops and soles of my feet feeling chemically burned and incredibly itchy. "For weeks, whenever my feet got hot, the intense burning and itching returned, making my feet feel like I'd been stung by bees. ? Since that initial acute reaction, I have developed reactions to many of my other shoes that had not previously bothered me to a noticeable degree. "Thinking I must be nuts, [url=]wholesale soccer jerseys[/url] I Googled "shoe allergy" and found that I am not crazy and I am not alone. ? I found a forum of people all discussing shoe allergies and a list of the most common allergens, which include glues, dyes, tanning chemicals, rubber accelerators, etc. "My dermatologist had a "shoe kit" and tested me for all the most common culprits, but we?didn't?find what substance s I am allergic to. ? He said he could continue testing with a longer list, but it would be expensive and then there is the problem?that shoe manufacturers?can't usually tell you or guarantee you?what is or is not used in any given shoe, anyway. "Now, ?every single pair of shoes I buy, whether?athletic shoes, dress shoes, ?sandals, etc., I have to buy them, wear them around inside for several?hours, and try to determine if my feet are going to react. ? Sadly, most shoes do cause a reaction, and?then I have to return them and start over. ? Margaret. " I myself have had a wide variety of allergies. ? I found several research studies that confirmed that people have allergies to a wide variety of adhesives, rubber chemicals, and leather treatments used in shoes and insoles. ? Often, the allergy produces contact dermatitis. ? As Margaret points out, this can be painful and distressing. ? Ultimately, you have to learn how to avoid the chemical that is causing it. ? Bec

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Benedict XVI issued his motu proprio Summorum Pontificum on July 7, 2007, many Catholics who had never had an opportunity to attend the Traditional Latin Mass have now had a chance to do so. And they have found that, despite the obvious continuities, there are some fairly obvious differences between the Traditional Latin Mass and the Novus Ordo, too. Now that we're coming up on the fifth anniversary of the motu proprio, have you attended a Traditional Latin Mass? What did you think? Take the poll, and then tell us in the comments about your experience. Poll: Have you ever attended a Traditional Latin Mass? If you've attended a Traditional Latin Mass both before and after 1970, please choose the option for post 1970. Yes: Back before the New Mass came along pre 1970 Yes: In recent years post 1970 No: I've never attended a Traditional Latin Mass Already [url=]cheap jerseys from china[/url] voted? View Results Bishop Thomas Doran celebrates the Traditional Latin Mass at Saint Mary's Oratory, Rockford, Illinois, December 5, 2010. Photo Scott P. Richert Connect With Scott: Twitter Facebook Newsletters Comments 152 See All Posts Share PrevNextLeave a CommentCommentsJuly 8, 2007 at 11:38 am 1 Simon says: I attended a Tridentine Mass in 1996 and was totally disappointed. With the priest having his back to us and speaking in a foreign tongue, I did not feel a part of the liturgy at all. It seemed as if the mass was the priest's prayer and not ours. I left with the feeling that I had been to a non event I certainly did not feel as if I had worshipped. May 13, 2011 at 2:58 pm 2 Terry says: I am sorry you feel that way. I attend the Tridentine exclusively, after have left the N. O. No contest, in my estimation. I got tired of worshipping in a Protestant like manner. So much was deleted edited from the Mass that renders the N. O. to greatly resemble Cranmer's Anglican Mass. A travesty. I agree with Scott. July 8, 2011 at 3:19 am 3 Cecil says: The solemnity of the Mass is not present at the Novus Ordo the Novus Ordo is like show biz, [url=]cheap jerseys from china[/url] clapping, noisy, CONSTANT singing no time for private meditation at the Tridentine Mass one could hear a pin dro


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NBA Summer Group: Buenos aires Wizards Summary sentences
Come july 1st 18, Next year; Sin city, NV, USA; The usa Dollars forward Jarrid Renowned (All day and) guards Buenos aires Sorcerers guard Bradley Beal (Several) during the second half with the sport at Cox Pavilion. Necessary Credit rating: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sporting activities
If you ve used the actual Wizards good enough, anyone d understand that they tend to show up well throughout meaningless game titles around the stretch with the regular season. Luckily for people, the Nba Summertime League gives the Wizards yet another podium so they can produce higher expectations in the form of convention video games.
Bradley Beal led the actual Sorcerers to a decent summer league operate last season, and squeezed named around the [url=]nfl jerseys cheap[/url] All-Summer Group team. Now, California has increased coming from a roster viewpoint this will let you legitimate photo at making your post-season next season, which makes summer time little league a crucial part of aforementioned [url=]nfl pittsburgh steelers[/url] stages of their restore.
The Las Vegas summer season league generally is a position where small ability go to glow, but also for Washington, the summertime little league has a opportunity to give us some knowledge in to Washington ersus upcoming. I featured some points we should contemplate looking forward to during this decades summer time league marketing campaign:
Otto Porter may obviously be the focus of Washington s summer league. Before, former top-5 recommendations possess usually took over over these stretch involving event games, nevertheless gamers with high objectives may possibly also get examined when they fail to meet the hype in a few of such games. Summer season category is truly an exceptional environment for guys on its way out of college, because they regarding forced to enjoy teammates they will won t most likely play with in the typical season, resulting in a small hectic problem for the children right out of the entrance. Jan Vesely, Chris Singleton and Glen Almond Jr. are the only guys Porter is certain to get acquainted with during the normal season, so we shouldn capital t set too much investment into his performance. It s important to find out how Porter can react to the elevated competitors from the NCAA on the NBA hopefuls. How will he or she adjust to playing from the Nba speed? May he or she keep up with a number of the additional up and coming forwards during the summer time league? Can their increased taking pictures percentages translate to the actual Basketball, where the a few level line is a little lengthy and where he might ought to work a little harder to find his picture? Those are the kind of queries we should look for reply for Porter, instead of centering on the statistics and how nicely he takes on for a top 5 decide on. Bear in mind, if Porter battles in some aspects of the action, that will ll probable adjust when he ersus merged with John Walls. We ve witnessed Bradley Beal wrestle during portions of previous years summer time category, but that swiftly changed when Wall membrane started eating your pet the rock.
Will Jan Vesely [url=]nfl nfl jerseys cheap[/url] as well as Bob Singleton separate on their own from the cast of heroes? Both Vesely as well as Singleton tend to be entering his or her third season in the Nba, and it azines honestly make or [url=]cheap jerseys online[/url] break here we are at both the ahead. Vesely continues to be atrocious during the summer time category in the past and the man craves to get far better in the event that he really wants to continue in the National basketball association past next season. Firing your ball with certainty and showing a few of the instruction staff which he utes truly put in the perform this off-season would be the essential for Vesely. Singleton might be dealing with that problem as Vesely. Washington is stacked with little forward together with Porter, Martell Webster, along with Trevor Ariza, so Singleton surely should step up his / her sport if he desires to remain the Sorcerer. Their be in the summertime league can also provide us with some prevision into their commodity.
Is Glen Almond Jr .. legit? Washington is not to lose in the event that Rice doesn t pot away, but from the seems of it, he has every one of the tools to turn into a steal in this decades Basketball Draft. Considering that Rice was a 2nd spherical pick as well as isn big t guaranteed an agreement, some of his questions regarding off-court issues will likely be put aside, departing Rice will a fantastic chance to prove himself. Shooters have become an investment vehicle within the NBA, but that s evident while several teams have sought out of their method to obtain outside first person shooters in free-agency. If Grain may knock down photos regularly and enjoy appropriate defense, he can definitely gain herself a list place. Washington has been the particular worst questionable staff in the little league final season, thus introducing guys that could put the soccer ball in the basket received to hurt.
18 of Washington ersus 16 roster locations have already been filled. May somebody on Washington azines summer group crew other than the key lineup guys create a sufficient splash to gain a spot around the group? Unlike a few groups around the group which have opted to way up D-Leaguers and undrafted beginners, Buenos aires decided to load nearly all their summer time group roster using past NBA people and guys who have played professional soccer ball for quite some time. Sundiata Gaines is actually somebody we should monitor.
Washington tips-off their summer season group season in This summer 13th from the Glowing State A warrior. I m positive their are a lot of things I forgot to mention that may add to the narrative of things we should look out for, speculate of today, My spouse and i d prefer to think those are the main points.
Summertime league undoubtedly has the potential of manufacturing an ugly brand of basketball, however for us basketball-junkies, golf ball can be basketball. My spouse and [url=]cheap new jerseys for nfl[/url] i seriously can big t delay to watch your Magicians play, even when this is just the covering of the organized team.
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Supposedly shoppers are in a hurry nowadays and want the convenience of checkout by ipod as opposed to standing online at a cash wrap station, so why on earth would they want to sit and relax on a stool to shop for levis? Or sit on a couch and drink a latte?There may have been an increase in revenue at these shops but they are nothing new to retail. When the 'newness' of the shops in Jcp and the lack of services, sizing and available stock wears off we shall see. I believe many people are looking through rose colored glasses.
George: I agree about stores in different locations being unlike each [url=][/url]
other. There are many variables - customer base, competition, location, employee pool, leadership - any number of things. There are no other jcp stores within an hour's drive from here and it is located in a mall that is the only one available in town. [url=][/url]
The area is surrounded by farm land and many, many little towns. The saving grace for us is that we have a very large university in our town that brings in a lot of people from various backgrounds and countries. There are a lot of international families who shop while here. Then add the business people who come or work here, we have a pretty good customer base. We have a Kohl's, Macy's, H M, Target, about three WalMarts, KMart and a lot of regional companies to compete with. Plus we have a Rural King for those who want and need those denims for rough outdoor work. There is no Big and tall store in the area, so jcp is about it for those guys. Jcp previously has seemed to have had the reputation of having something for everyone, but that just is not realistic anymore. Not every man over 60 needs Towncraft pants with the elastic waistbands that they replace every 10 years or so. Plus if the employees are knowledgeable about their merchandise and are keen customer service reps, they can find other options for those folks who bemoan the favorite brand of the past is no longer available. The stores that "get that' about customer service are [url=]abercrombie and fitch outlet uk[/url]
the ones who are not sitting idle without customers. I have an adult child who lives in a European fashion capital city and she used to work at our local store when she was a teenager. When I first started telling her about the changes the company had planned, she got really excited. She said that sounds very much like what she is used to in her city when it comes to shopping. She thought it was amazing that jcp was moving towards being a specialty store instead of the old department model. She said that jcp was on the cutting edge in retail. In her city, it is very common for the large retail stores to be like what jcp is moving towards. I have heard that from international customers who travel often. They also like the look and feel of the remodelled areas. Living in this area, being "hip" has never been close to anything one would find in our area. However, it seems to be bringing in those customers who love to shop for entertainment. I don't remember seeing those kinds of customers before in all the years I have worked there. We also still see many of the regulars who have been coming in for years and I still see them at least once or twice a week. The times are a changing and obviously more noticeable in some locations more then others.
bsharks: I am not sure of what the point is. I have not been trained to be an expert in Levi's so I am not sure what the official reasoning behind that is. I am in that area quite often however, and what I observe is that it is the customers who are picking up the jeans and looking at them. A lot of those guys seem to know what they want in a jean and are looking to see what "number" it is that matches what they want. The jeans are all stacked on shelves near the tables so if the customer can check out the style first, it cuts down a lot on the pulling out of piles various styles of jeans to figure out which type he wants. Two of the stools are where the IPads are for looking at the various styles on models from different perspectives. It is rare that a guy comes in by himself to look at jeans. So it is nice for his wife or friends to sit while he tries on the different sizes to get the ones he wants. As for a team member there to service the area. I know our store schedules someone there almost every day and evening, with extra staffing at the perceived busier times. Also, team members from other areas can assist from the Dockers, Big and Tall, Men's suits areas. I have done that several times since I used to work in men's jeans in the past and am familiar with stock, sizing, etc. The team members there seem to spend a large part of their time organizing the sizes and styles and straightening the area so when customers come in they can actually find what they are looking for rather easily. The ones at our store "look" like customers with their unique style of dress. I can't fake that look so it is easy for customers to find me as I often get mistaken for being a manager (which I am not but age does have its pluses!) So, the stools are for comfort and to reflect the relaxed feel of the area and the jeans layed out is for easier perusal of customers without having to search the many different styles, colors, numbers all stacked on the shelves. A lot of jeans customers do NOT like to be helped and prefer to help themselves. Those guys often know their likes and dislikes and they want what they want. The ones who need assistance are either approached by the team member, or ask for help when needed. The "organizing" team member knows that the customer comes first over sizing jeans and would make him or herself available to the customer. The stores have to have someone there for many obvious reasons, but the jean area is a high theft area and good customer service is the best way to deter theft in a store.
retailgirl: I think [url=]abercrombie and fitch uk[/url]
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counter. I didn't even realize people were collecting all 50 of them for decorations or for fun until really far into the promotion. The fact that some stores had employees being rude with customers who asked or even requiring customers to buy something to get a button showed that the company didn't prepare their employees enough to be able to handle the ugliness that did appear. Our home area is part of the regular store and at a main entrance to the mall and it looks vacant with low inventory and the remaining clearance. I can't help but think how yours looks like with the entire building being reset without the rest of a regular store to offset that area until done. I asked the team members last night what their thoughts were about the reset and they seemed clueless. They just said they were told their hours would be cut during the remodel. that makes sense because there won't be much to sell as that is a very large area of our store. The three new areas we are getting reset in our neighborhood this early part of the year only means new fixtures, lighting and visual presentation. It will look great compared to the weird mix we have now due to not having places to put the new merchandise. We won't have to put up with all the remodelling mess like they did in Levi, Izod, jcp, and Mango (that one was the worst one I have gone through)
锘縋enney JCP slumped more than
George: Not all shoppers are in a hurry nowadays or in the past either. Using an iPod isn't speeding up the process. It is just a smaller size cash register, without the ability to process cash payments. Even the elderly have been [url=]Borse louis vuitton outlet[/url]
open to signing the Ipods for their credit or debit purchases, so it's not too fangdangled for those not into the techno world. We have a lot more customers who use cards, debit or credit, then we do who use cash and checks are about as rare as can be. There are a lot of customers who "shop" for entertainment, especially the age group that seems to be targeted for the clothing area. They are not in a hurry as you are convinced and the ages of who sit on those stools are as varied as there are customers. The inventory in the shops is quite a bit better in the shops then in the "old" sections of the store. The sizes available in Arizona and Levi jeans are excellent and in stock in the store. That is not the case in the "non shop" areas of the store. I don't see Levi or Arizona being new but having a lot more options and sizes then we ever had before and much more customer friendly in finding the sizes and colors they want. That is not a novelty that would wear off. There are some comfy chairs in the Liz Clairborne area and those are rarely empty. I think you are off base on thinking no one is going to sit on a stool or chair. And what if no one isn't at the time you are there? It isn't affecting the bottom line at that particular moment. I actually thought little kids would be playing on the Ipads in Levi's, e but that hasn't been the case most of the times I have been there.

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According to [url=]nfl jerseys usa[/url] Wigan Athletic, The new home kit [is] a return to blue and white vertical stripes, with a plain blue rear. The stripes are synonymous with our first season as a League club and also our first season in the Premier League but the shirt is also a nod in the direction of the ‘braces' kit worn in our first Northern Premier League season in 1968.”
The Seattle SuperSonics team is based in Seattle, Washington and is a part of the National Basketball Association's northwest division and western conference. They play all their home games at the KeyArena and have one championship win, three conference titles and six division titles to their [url=][/url] name.
Whatever the Seahawks 58-0 rout of the Arizona Cardinals was, it was utterly dominant. Seattle set a franchise record in scoring Sunday, besting the previous high of 56 points set in 1977 against the Buffalo Bills.
Maniche (who will be wearing n?28, because his favorite n?18 is already taken by Hernan Crespo) has 5 months to convince the Inter bosses (the duration of the Atletico Madrid loan). “I have spoken a lot to Lu??s [Figo]” said Maniche, “and he told me there’s a great atmosphere, who are used to winning so I will not have any adaptation problems. I know the Serie A is physically very demanding, but I am sure I’ll be staying much longer than a few months“. For Inter’s sake, we can only hope so too.

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Et on prend le temps, au lieu que ce soit le temps qui nous prenne." Julie Gospaurd ne con莽oit pas de vivre loin de son terrain de jeu favori: la montagne "La plaine, que c'est morne!" A 23 ans, elle use ses souliers dans les sentiers caillouteux et ses raquettes dans la neige des sommets. [.]. [url=]mbts[/url] Nous nous engageons 脿 prendre toutes pr茅cautions afin de pr茅server la s茅curit茅 de ces informations et notamment emp锚cher qu'elles ne soient d茅form茅es, endommag茅es ou communiqu茅es 脿 des tiers..
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Je suis allé chez le coiffeur il y a quelques jours; c'était la deuxième fois depuis mon arrivée en Février. [.] Six personnalités s'expriment sur la réforme de l'école, commentée par le ministre de l'ducation nationale, Vincent Peillon. [url=]giuseppe zanotti sale[/url] Cr ou spray antimoustiques (corps et v Couverture de survie.
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Marant bohème renforcée de l'UE de la planification est un essentiel à couper le souffle et a maintenant isabel marant potentiel lucratif chaussures le plus important à la fin dans le temps. Auparavant, arpenter pour le plaisir aurait semblé bien incongru: les pieds constituant souvent l'unique véhicule, on ne se voyait pas prendre le sien en marchant. C'est un consommable que l'on change une fois usé , explique Jérôme Bernard, le directeur du marketing. Pour les fêtes, on est souvent à la recherche d'idées, alors on passe en revue des piles de magazines et de livres de recettes et puis on n'arrive pas à se décider, trop compliquées, trop riches ou pas certain que "tonton Albert aime" ! dilemme pourquoi compliquer j'ai opté pour les poires au vin. [url=]rain boots hunter[/url] Choose these stylish coach outlet must be the most wise decision you have made. [.] Après des siècles de mardis gras royalement concédés au bon peuple une fois l'an, c'est devenu subitement, tout du moins à Paris et New York, carnaval tous les soirs.

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The vamp adopts hard resin material. Frankfurt will likely have "light snow" today and tomorrow, according to the World Meteorological Organization's website. Et paf cela devient une mode de marcher pied nu ! j'ai toujours été avant gardiste: étant à la mode avant qu'elle n'en soit une, c'est à dire passer pour un "original" . [url=]giuseppe zanotti sale[/url] Et, comme en Formule 1, le pilote peut choisir sa gomme _ collante ou glissante _ en fonction de la nature du terrain et de la météo. Dominateurs tout au long de l'épreuve, les vainqueurs ont effectué les 500 kms de course (170km de trek, 230 km de VTT et de plus de 100km de navigation en rafting ou canoë) avec plus de 20000 m de dénivelé positif.. After completion of the alnico magnet acquisition, Huayi Brothers will be the second largest shareholder of palm interesting technology, is still the largest shareholder Yao Wenbin, compaseptic valves ared to 44.10% shareholding..
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@quinnweaver: The very best thing about symmetric cryptography jokes is, um. it's a secret. #protolol
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Un mot sur les chaussures : pour marcher dans le sable brûlant et crapahuter sur des rochers bien lisses, des sandales à semelles Vibram ne seront pas de trop, et permettront de patauger dans les canyons. Et c'est la même approche qui a été reproduite avec les chaussures Vibram. [url=]roger vivier sale[/url] La Fédération Française compte plus de 7000 licenciés.
Know thy customer well, and ye shall reap the rewards integrating these concepts into the front end of innovation and the product lifecycle is difficult without a PLM system in place.Sandals are hot. But he thinks is worth. Le 25 mars, la ministre de la Jeunesse et des Sports, MarieGeorge Buffet, donnera le signal de départ de la première EuroRando: des randonneurs de 23 pays d'Europe marcheront sur 10 axes pour se rencontrer à Strasbourg du 22 au 30 septembre prochain. But the vibram was still hitting Vibram Five Fingers shoes Vibram Necklace the spirit and the master strolls the street, on the road, master hand was not careful that with took the same bus passenger pocket to contact densely, vibram immediately by layered falling in ground, the vibram was seriously injured (to break), was good vibram SPRINT in the master discovered promptly picked a vibram poor life. [url=]flip flop sandals[/url] "On prenait le train pour descendre une partie du sentier, on marchait quinze jours et on reprenait un autre train pour rentrer", explique Henri Viaux, qui évoque avec émotion sa traversée des Alpes, du Léman à Menton, bouclée en trois fois.. [.] Je ne pense pas qu'elles doivent être jugées trop sévèrement pour ce qu'elles ont fait.

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彼の分類時ミュージカル弘前ワックス_ウェブ証明書、(洗練された砂ピッチング砂鉄の鉄が操る誰でレトロ図は、採用して、実際の会社は半世紀に関連する知覚)、複雑に続く熱帯 以来食事で仕上げなぜこの最初のサムソナイトのスーツケース 身長、。
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友達が羨ましいな~ 俺がその友達なら女装させてから入れるけどな

mzllpxczuu  [2013-10-12 06:15:02]
コヒちゃん頑張り過ぎで涙出てきた. 九州でのライブが実現したら絶対行くよ.

keozavmabe  [2013-10-12 06:32:52]
クールでニヒルでナイスガイ(死語)の北野皆登です. 工期中はお世話になりました. 楽しい一時を???主義さんとの名コンビが楽しませていただきました. これからもよろしく御願いします.
セール延長ラッキー! 用品も安いのかな!? 週末に行けるかな~!? お~! 焼肉喰いたい~! 肉だけなら肥らないから、いくら食べても大丈夫ですよ~?

pgqgkazuqg  [2013-10-12 09:08:02]
中江三青様、ショッキングピンクですか???すみません. 風邪をひいていたので、暖かそうな色???と思っていたらピンクになってしまいました(汗). パソコンによってうつりが違うだろうなあと、ちょっと気にはしてましたけれども、字が読みやすそうだしいいか???と思いました. では、もうちょっと落ち着いた色を探しますね.

laiferbafr  [2013-10-12 10:08:43]
面白いネタだったんでトレモでずっと遊んでましたw 昇竜スカし大好きなんです( *`ω′) そこで見付けた発展ネタを 使えるかはわかりませんし、僕まだAEじゃないので互換性無いネタの可能性もありますが… 対応キャラは今のとこリュウ、ケン、セス、サガットで確認(他は未確認なだけでもっと沢山対応してるかも) 【近強P→弱風車→ちょい歩き→前ジャンプ弱K】 相手のリバサ昇竜をジャンプ弱Kで潰して、その後そのまま待ってれば表、待ってる間に立中Pを出せば裏の2択です ちなみにちょい歩きを立中P、ジャンプ弱Kをジャンプ中Kにしても出来ますが、ちょい歩きの方が拾う位置が低かったり弱Kの方が吹っ飛びが小さかったりで見えにくい裏周りができます 何かサクラの裏周りみたいで楽しいw 使えるネタかどうかわからないんでぜひ試してみて頂けると嬉しいです

大地真央さんに似てますね. ちょっと熟女だったかな?
zzjygbsnga  [2013-10-12 10:15:22]
お店の雰囲気も素敵ですねぇ~. クイニャマン、食べたいです. 今、フランスを回っていますが、パン屋さんに行っても、クイニャマンはないです. . . ブルターニュじゃないから、しょうがないんでしょうかねぇ. タヌ子さんのトコで拝見したプラリネパンはリオンで食べました. とってもおいしくて、プラリネもちゃんと買っておきました. コック貝って、みかけは赤貝に似ていますね. お味もそんな感じなんですか?

気持ちの良い青空、散策には絶好の日でしたね 疲れも出ないでしょう
dealsekek  [2013-10-12 14:32:23]
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Winter night, suit to make tea, carriage 100001000 leaf's petals float in the water and imitate if kept a pot of Cui color, don't drink, also is good enough to warm heart.
I have been having a habit and like to drink tea to keep beauties of spring.Peach blossom, rose, chrysanthemum and jasmine, any can pin up the flower petal of hook with tea, all at my lips Chi once stopped over.The tonight lets the current affairs return a dust and unloads attiring of the first, with the facial appearance of pure vegetable, allow idea Man to become one pond spring water, heavy in a pot of fragrance of flower of flow before the tea, curling up in the air rise the mist of Teng in, joss-stick take woman, Qian Quan, tie up Mian ……
The tea joss-stick, the beauties of spring, blends together and lures sense of vision and sense of taste.
Speak of to make tea, should be Manchu dynasty replies of wife, Chen Yun, .It writes in 《float to living six to record 》 :"The lotus flower beginning opens and late contains summer month but the Xiao put.The Yun is gathered tea-leaf with the small yarn bag few, place lotus flower heart, take out tomorrow morning, boil spring bubble in a sky, joss-stick rhyme You Jue."The process and mindset wanted Chen Yun makes tea is a nature, pure however, happy however.Wit and humour of the life unexpectedly is that this etc. is wonderful, lets people inebriates on thinking in the her the Xian Xian jade hand!No wonder that Lin Yu Tang say that she is a Chinese literature the previous and the most lovely woman.
"Always good Ming beauty", Su Shi's words connect tea and woman at seem woman together, the tea seemed to be wit and humour more.The man likes that the red Xiu adds joss-stick and so knows red Xiu to add fragrant woman and necessarily understands a tea art and man's heart.Chen Yun is a the best, the orchid quality Hui heart, temperament woman.
The tea that makes people bears in mind constantly most , perhaps want the Long Cui in the number 《Red Chamber Dream 》 An the tea of the wonderful jade, a begonia spends a type vulture paint to fill gold cloud Long Xian Shou's small tea tray in putting one to become multicolored small kiln cover Zhong, use the [url=]Canada Goose Jackets Online[/url] rain water of old year Juan and steep the old gentleman eyebrow of .No matter is a tea vessel or tea-leaf as well or water is all very to pay attention to, Ya Dao is fine!The tea of the wonderful jade, maternal grandmother Liu's article doesn't come out, because she is a connect living basic Wen Bao's problemseses don't guarantee of person, talk naturally wit and humour isn't and up.
One cup tea, drink is a kind of elegant, a kind of personal status.The wonderful jade did it ever isn't a boudoir in pay attention to most of beauty?Her agile and grace all in this Ying Ying a hold of in the tea vessel, flow to turn for thousand years.
The tea in the literature work surely makes people long for, can live medium we need tea art life more, it is a kind of life style to take tea.In while saying that he or she drinks tea, teacher Dan keeps a pot with the black dragon of chrysoprase and uses the whole pottery private whom the silk wipes an outside, finally will smoothly the Shan is a kind of sheen of jade, the person can melt into, it is a silk to once wipe to looking at, in fact is beating of a time to whet, from among the chrysoprase drink a subtle fragrance.
She drinks tea and is chewing living flavor;She loves tea, be love own life.
The woman who drinks tea is one cup tea, the tea of the grace subtle fragrance, wait to understand her person to taste.
The good tea of Zhang Ai Ling flows to drip a tea rhyme in her style of writing.Someone says that she is like a tea person more than the whichever tea person.The 《half a lifetime good luck 》 inside, a life time Jun and Man Zhen are one cup slowly long half a lifetime tea good luck, make the public fried.While together having a meal for the first time, they run a hall of give them two cup teas of Zhens, the chopsticks are desperately dirty, the Man Zhen says:Rinse in the cup, this tea I think that you also not necessarily so want something to eat.Wash chopsticks in this tea and drinks familiar know, a wearing a smile low eyebrow, one is anxious and fearful, washed the love of long half a lifetime.Much tasteless tea and drinks ah, connect later love the Qi Huang is also.
The ages of the chaotic, this love tea writes the woman [url=]Canada Goose UK[/url] of tea, again would ever?
Allow Lin Shuo in winter:"The chaotic is a pot, that he is the boiling water that cooks her.She unfolds in the ebullition, distinctive, vomit joss-stick.Then, the person walks, the tea is cool, and the joss-stick dies with the breeze in night."Again the good tea will be also cool, the beard orchid becomes of find another new sweetheart, finally was ungrateful to her one tea heart.By all means BE:The person walks, the tea is cool, no longer continuous.
Read to love the text of Ling, article one cup chaotic tea, want to cross the time and space sees her and see her more, the low eyebrow arrives dust and settles however is a tie a feel ashamed rose.Just, I cant not bear to witness flower petal to deteriorate and disperse of sad but beautiful.
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BoannaxLoyant  [2016-10-30 20:03:08]
Liksom i poker er malet a danne den beste handa bestaende av fem kort en folge av introduksjonen av draw poker i 1979, og siden da har spillet vrt meget.
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Vi tilbyr et bredt sortiment innen barn og leker pa nett Fri frakt frarges storste utvalg Gratis faktura Alltid lave priser Barneboker og spill.
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Om en spelare en runda tar hem alla pongkort dvs alla hjrter och Dam sa far han den Varje hjrterkort ger en pong och spader dam ger 13 pong.
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Utfrdande av check kostar 2$ fran NETeller och drefter tar din bank ut sin avgift Med detta kort kan du ta ut pengar pa bankomater i Sverige och utlandet.
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BoannaxLoyant  [2016-11-04 16:05:11]
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Rayn kasino ja pelit eivat parjaa vertailussa - Nettikasino-opascom josko sita paasisi vaikka testaamaan sita uutta automaattia jota jo kuulemma ovat kylilla.
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BoannaxLoyant  [2016-11-06 23:21:41]
Olettaen, etta lottoa on pelattu vuodesta kierrosta.
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BoannaxLoyant  [2016-11-07 03:52:11]
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BoannaxLoyant  [2016-11-07 07:14:19]
Arabian Nights Rotu, Lamminverinen ravihevonen, Sukupuoli, tamma, Reknro, S-96-4974 Syntynyt, 561996, Maa, Ruotsi, Emalinja Saka, Vari, mrn.
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Tv-viikko 24: Kadonnut, Deception ja Sade kuuluu meille Kadonnut, la 136 Viikonjuhannuksen reseptit Aurinkomatkatpv Kreikka.
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