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85 Lamps Chandelier

85 Lamps Chandelier
85 Lamps Chandelier - Image #1
85 Lamps Chandelier - Image #2
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$2,999.00 from Generate Design
This stunning chandelier is everything you need (to provide 85 bulbs worth of light) and nothing you don't... literally. We love how you can begin to understand the spherical shape of the light bulb cluster (the cords are each cut to the same length), and how the simplest of material choices make a collection of everyday objects into something spectacular. If someone buys this please please please send more photos!

Found by Angel. Thanks!

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Tim E.  [2008-05-08 16:15:45]
Three thousand dollars for about two hundred dollars worth of materials. It would make a better art project than a purchase, unless of course you'd be the kind of person to buy the Tobias Wong gold flake pills.
Don  [2008-05-08 18:26:25]
Well as with most art, you're really supporting the artist and his or her ideas and process, thus the hefty price tag. This sort of thing isn't for sale because it's purely functional or because it can't be made by anyone but the artist... it's a commentary. And marking up the materials and labor something like 500% isn't really that unreasonable for a limited edition piece. After all, big manufacturers use similar overpricing sales models... even when they mass produce things in a much more efficient manner.
amandamax  [2008-08-28 04:23:28]
Lamp Chandelier looking good.
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