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1st Born/Runner Up Twin Set

1st Born/Runner Up Twin Set
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$40.00 from Uncommon Goods
I don't even need to write anything here. This pair of t-shirts (for twins) is too cute. One is labeled "1st born", the other is "Runner up". I wish I knew someone with twins!

Found by Don. Thanks!

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Kelly  [2008-06-12 19:29:56]
Being a mother of twins, I actually find this sort of offensive.

I understand that since they would be too young to read when they would wear this- it already implies that one is better than the other.

Only my immediate family knows who is older (by 25 minutes), and it will stay that way till they are much older.

I wont even tell their teachers.

I say "Its not important, I don't want them stereotyped at such a young age"

Of course, I can understand how it would be funny or cute to someone who doesn't have twins, isn't a twin or doesn't personally, closely knows twins, or understands how hard it is to let them establish themselves and their own personalities- with out it being casted upon them from the minute of birth.
Julie  [2008-06-13 10:22:26]
You could always mix it up and switch the onesies back and forth :)
glenn  [2008-07-07 16:16:21]
wish i could get t-shirts of these for my adult twin boys!
Don  [2008-07-08 13:41:53]
Since this product has bumped up to the top, I want to mention that Kelly's treatise on the unbearable loneliness of twinship has been depressing me for weeks.
ben  [2008-08-10 12:50:25]
here's a radical idea, if you dont like them kelly, hows about you don't buy them!
amandamax  [2008-08-23 04:53:11]
Its looking good and nice.
Bill  [2008-12-14 22:30:54]
I'm a twin, that's not cool.
amla  [2008-12-29 10:43:45]
just showed this to my sister, and she's disappointed that they don't come in adult sizes. she's now 16 and for years, when introduced with her twin, she likes to clarify: 'yes, we're twins; i'm five minutes younger than she is.' all in good humor, imagine that!
Lisa  [2010-02-07 13:30:54]
Small children are really "sensitive"(I know at that age there too small to know, but still lol they may see the photos later or something)

Maybe for grown up twins that can understand it's simply a joke. Children sometimes comprehend things differently. Some adults too.

There's a lot of stereotyping in the world. It could be cute, but, because people sometimes want it to be, it's so frequently hurtful.
Anonymous  [2010-03-25 04:51:35]
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