Mix Tape USB Drive
Mix Tape USB Drive$19.99 from Perpetual Kid
Kids these days. They have no way to express their true feelings to eachother. You know what I'm referring to: the mix tape. The classic 80s and 90s substitute for saying "I think I love you". It's all mp3s lately, and of course you can transport a bunch of mp3s on a memory stick the size of your fingernail. No room to draw lots of little hearts and explain the relevance of each song you have carefully chosen for your loved one's listening pleasure. Well now, there's a way. Contained within this cute cassette tape case is a very functional 64mb USB stick, perfect for holding up to an hour of music. And the thing includes a large fold-out tab for writing on. Perfect! Someone please make me one with "Crimson and Clover" on it.