About Curiobot Lite
Welcome to Curiobot Lite. We've launched this mobile version of Curiobot to give you something to look at on those boring train rides. We're still beta testing the site, so feel free to send us suggestions or feedback.
Concept Statement
Curiobot aims to be a hybrid website. Not in the environmentally-conscious sense of the word (although we like that too)... more like in the Frankensteinian sense of the word:
We want to be half museum and half garage sale. Half library and half amusement park. Not a blog: they're too personal and text-based. Not a shopping site: their navigation schemes are static, sales-driven, and bland. We'd rather be explorable... and entertaining, and inspiring, and helpful. We want to make you say "What the hell is that?", "I wish I had thought of that", and "Oh my God, I finally found one!" all in the same day. We want to extend the blog mentality to encompass the universal languages of imagery and cool-stuff-for-sale commerce.
Navigating our site should be a fun and explorative process (like browsing a candy shop), but the site will also be structured as a helpful tool (like the nice candy shop clerk who shows you the best of the peanut brittle).
Our unbiased approach to aggregating products is different from general product search sites. There is no external motivation here besides wanting the best of the best and the strangest of the strange. We actually seek out the things that the big search and retail sites do not want. The products that only one person in ten thousand actually buy. The big sites think that this is a bad thing. We know, however, that although only one person in ten thousand buys it, nine out of ten people might still think a product is amazing...they just don't know where it would fit in their apartment. Think of this site as your fantasy storage closet.
We generate a small amount of revenue through click-through traffic to merchant sites when applicable, but products are admitted to the database regardless of their retailer. We hope that our strategy will eventually benefit smaller sites and individuals, who are making their own unique imprint on the internet product market, by pulling their products into a more easily accessible realm.
At the moment, we're moderating all of the products that are added, but at some point in the future, we'd like to let Curiobot loose into the world of mass-contribution websites. Who wouldn't? I mean, we're really good at finding unusual stuff on the internet, but we think our talents would pale in comparison to those of a billion people combined.
At its worst, Curiobot is a site that encourages wasteful I-didn't-know-I-needed-that buying habits and widens the market for obscure and useless goods. At its best, however, it helps dissolve the distinction between useless and useful, and celebrates our need for both.
We hope you like our site as much as we liked making it! Happy browsing!

Best wishes,
Don and Angel